How To Run Your Node

You should really run your own node!

It’s honestly not that hard – it can take 9 hours to synchronize if you have a SSD and a good internet connection. Also, remote nodes are NOT reliable, a lot of times they just won’t connect because the software wasn’t really developed for this.

Download your node official software from the page Software and learn how to run the software here.

MoneroWorld runs a script every 5 minutes to scan the Monero network for open nodes.

How To Include Your Node On Moneroworld

If you would like to offer your node up for inclusion in the Moneroworld Network of Open Nodes, you can simply add the code bellow to the launch of your daemon (and open your firewall), and the MoneroWorld script will sniff you out and add your node to the random list.

Offering your node as a remote node is above and beyond what you need to do to support the network! This is NOT necessary!!!

--rpc-bind-ip YOUR.IP.GOES.HERE --rpc-bind-port 18089 --restricted-rpc --confirm-external-bind

NOTE: You can use the IP given to your computer by your home network, or just bind it to

Below is a screenshot example of using the GUI to offer a remote node. Please note that you will have to use port forwarding for 18089 to the computer running the node…. but you should already know how to open your ports if you are running a full node and have 18080 open!!! You just need to enter this information into the Daemon Startup Flags field and then start your daemon. Also note that you may have to change your Daemon Address field so your wallet can connect to your node with its external bindings.

Run the script on your own daemon!

The current version of the script is on a fork from some other user. But basically, there’s no need to trust any of the remote node lists provided by MoneroWorld or the other providers. You can run this script and scan your own peer list to find open nodes. You can also run this script and provide another list service! The more the better!!!